Margaret Roberts

Natural cycles and materials form the underlying theme for my work.

For many years I have mostly worked with hand made papers – in a variety of ways. Initially, my interest developed when I was a printmaker and realised my results depended on which paper I used. Around the same time I visited Japan and made an immediate and enduring connection with its fine art crafts, including washi, and Zen philosophy of life.

With my own and others handmade papers I have created 2D collages and freestanding 3D paper works often using my own natural dyes for colour. Alongside the paper work I make multilateral pieces and assemblages – largely with natural materials.

My second major focus is ceramics, who have studied and made for about 10 years. The Japanese influence is clearly apparent in my hand built vessels and sculptures.My most recent exhibition was in October, 2019 at the Hastings Arts Forum, entitled “Miracles and Wonders”,¬†featuring both paper works and ceramics.